Tuesday, April 7, 2009


1. All the counselling definitions
2. What is counselling process.
3. What are the appearances of the counselor should be.
4. Do you know what is counselling pre session
5. Perception of counselling.
6. The important of counselling theory in counselling services
7. What are the things or attitudes that should be "The do and The don't" during counselling session.
8. Why some people face some problems
9. The counselor attending skills
10. What do meant - active listenning skills

11. How to use these skills: reflexation, asking to elabrate, confrantation, conclusion (s/b)
12. How to make respond by using the counselling skills that you had learned.
13. The real distance between counselor and client should be during counseling session.
14. How to use the reflection skill
15. Do you know what is the effect of counselor facial appearance to the client during caunselling session.
16. How to stop/terminate the counselling session.
17. The important of communication skills in counselling.
18. When and how to use the open ended and close ended questions
19. When and how the counselling session should be terminate.
20. Be ware of "True and False" answers.
21. How to handle the refferer client.
and so on.................


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